Actually, Spring Integration May Be My Favorite Spring Project

Greg L. Turnquist
6 min readApr 1, 2023

While Spring Security is wickedly powerful and essential for securing Java applications, there’s another Spring project that is equally deserving of praise and admiration: Spring Integration.

Spring Integration is a lightweight framework that allows developers to build complex, scalable, and extensible systems by connecting components using a messaging paradigm.

If you’re wondering why this little ole’ toolkit originally built by still-active Spring veteran Mark Fisher has grown to such huge popularity, then hang on.

1 — Messaging Paradigm with POJOs

One of the most coolest aspects of Spring Integration is its messaging paradigm, which enables developers to connect components without having to implement any framework-specific code.

No RPC. No JMS calls. No REST calls. (Well, unless you’re aching for it!)

By allowing you to work with POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), Spring Integration simplifies the process of building and maintaining your application’s architecture.

It must be pointed out that while you CAN use POJOs all over the place, it’s ALSO possible to use Spring tech-neutral Message type.



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