As a pro coder, it’s ALWAYS valuable to collect skills

Greg L. Turnquist
2 min readMar 7, 2024

“Is it okay to study Java?” Yes!

“Is JavaScript good to learn?” Yes!

“Is there any benefit in learning CSS?” Yes yes yes.

The answer is almost always an emphatic yes.

Years ago, I dubbed myself a “JavaScript Padawan”. That’s because several years ago, as part of a side role on the Spring team, I was able to work with John Hann and Brian Cavalier, two JavaScript masters who taught me MUCH.

A skillset I have used rarely has once again come back to serve me today!

I am investigating the usage of Asciidoctor.js + reveal.js in a Node.js environment for some top-dollar content creation, and I’m the one with The Knowledge™.

You’ll never know when a skill will serve you.

Don’t hesitate to keep on learning. “Arrival syndrome”, the feeling that you have learned all that there is, is insidious and will tell you “Don’t worry about that. You won’t need that.”

EVEN IF you never leverage that new skill EVER, the very process of learning it can enhance your ability to learn, your ability to see how that product influenced other products you DO use and obtain deeper understanding, and your ability to keep on growing, a vital thing we must all pursue.



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