“How do you deal with imposter syndrome? Asking for a friend… really.”

Greg L. Turnquist
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

I first saw this question on Twitter, so I wrote the following response, sharing someone I had really done to help myself when I was squeezed into a corner. And amazingly, it helped me BEAT imposter syndrome!

I started a Google Doc where I log what I do on a daily basis. Not deep. Just track tasks as bullet points. You should do the same.

Worked a ticket? Grab a link to it. Read an issue? Grab a link to it. Had a meeting with someone? Write it down.

Real easy to track daily tasks in short, summary form, newest stuff at the top. Headline every day.

Commit to doing this everyday. It’s a new habit, so you may stumble, skip some days. That’s okay. Get back up and try again. Work to make a habit over the next 30 days. You can do this. This document is JUST FOR YOU.

Now here’s where it begins to pay off.

After a couple months of doing this, just pause. At the beginning of your day, before you lift a finger, just glance at your log of activity. Scroll your eyes down the page. That’s everything you just did over the past three days.

Want a little more? Start scrolling the page. A week’s work right there within seconds.

Haven’t looked in a while, go further back. Pages of actions YOU TOOK.

Your memory will fail you. Your attempts to “motivate” yourself will fail you from time to time.

But maintaining a running log of every contribution you make, big or small, won’t. Instead, you can SEE exactly what you did.

Because it’s not about knocking out big ticket items every day. It’s about generating a certain amount of momentum for your team, built up out of lots of tiny tasks that you are deliberately picking every day.

When I started doing this, whatever sense of Imposter Syndrome I did would evaporate in seconds.

And that’s not all.

This log begins to serve you in other ways.

Too many big ticket items lately? Perhaps today is a day where it’s too hard to focus on that sort of stuff? Switch to grooming your backlog of tickets. Log ’em all. Do that for 2–3 days. Clean…



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