“How do you deal with imposter syndrome? Asking for a friend… really.”

Greg L. Turnquist
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

I first saw this question on Twitter, so I wrote the following response, sharing someone I had really done to help myself when I was squeezed into a corner. And amazingly, it helped me BEAT imposter syndrome!

I started a Google Doc where I log what I do on a daily basis. Not deep. Just track tasks as bullet points. You should do the same.

Worked a ticket? Grab a link to it. Read an issue? Grab a link to it. Had a meeting with someone? Write it down.

Real easy to track daily tasks in short, summary form, newest stuff at the top. Headline every day.

Commit to doing this everyday. It’s a new habit, so you may stumble, skip some days. That’s okay. Get back up and try again. Work to make a habit over the next 30 days. You can do this. This document is JUST FOR YOU.

Now here’s where it begins to pay off.

After a couple months of doing this, just pause. At the beginning of your day, before you lift a finger, just glance at your log of activity. Scroll your eyes down the page. That’s everything you just did over the past three days.

Want a little more? Start scrolling the page. A week’s work right there within seconds.



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