Now that I think about it, Spring MVC may be my favorite Spring project!

Greg L. Turnquist
7 min readApr 15, 2023

I’ve said before how Spring Integration may in fact be my favorite Spring portfolio project.

While true, I simply can’t go any further without bringing up Spring MVC.

In case you didn’t know, Spring MVC is part of the Spring Framework, the origin of Spring’s goodness. And Spring MVC has been a core item for years. So no, it’s not a portfolio project. Nevertheless, it’s really hopping good!

Why is it possible my FAVORITE project? Let’s find out.

1 — Powerful support for any web app, with or without JavaScript

The web development landscape is ever-evolving. Heck, I’ve written past article citing the crazy game where you pick a noun and enter that word + “javascript” into Google, to see if there’s some Node library by that name.

As funny as that may be, we can’t ignore trends in the front end market. It’s vital to stay on top of them. And what’s key, is knowing that whether you’re building a lightweight app or a feature-packed behemoth, Spring MVC has your back.

Spring MVC offers unparalleled support for web applications, both with and without JavaScript front-end toolkits like Angular, React, or Vue. Those are the biggies, but frankly, and Node toolkit you need, you can integrate into your application and make it work.

When I was writing the web chapter of Learning Spring Boot 3.0, I frankly wasn’t sure where to start!

In prior editions, I had gone a tad too deep for what people expect from a Java-based book. So this time around, I sought to show the basics of how to stir in some Node-based code and get it off the ground. Where you take it is up to you.

That’s because Spring MVC frankly doesn’t care WHAT you put in your front end. Whether it’s a bunch of JS that violates every rule about globally scoped variables or something that upholds the highest standards of ES5 modules, Spring MVC won’t get in your way.

Its role is to integrate rock solid HTTP standards into your flow and make them work, and by golly, it does just that.



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